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LDA: Low Dose Allergen Therapy

This workshop is designed for practitioners who treat patients with many types of allergies and sensitivities, including those caused by foods, pollens, molds, dust and chemicals. This includes autoimmune disorders such as rhematoid arthritis, systemic lupus, and many others. (You must have the ability to write the prescription for LDA, to use LDA within your practice).

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the general purposes for LDA therapy, how to determine and implement dosage selection
  • List the risks and benefits of LDI therapy
  • Choose appropriate LDI antigens for various diseases
  • Make customized antigen dilutions and perform LDI titration


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LDA: Low Dose Allergen Therapy

  • 2018 Workshop Review

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  • 2018 LDA Workshop Thumbdrive
  • Corresponding Syllabus
  • 2019 Physicians Manual

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  • LDA Physician's Manual

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